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Monumental Churches Antwerp: preservation, management, promotion and events



October 13, 2008: Closing event ECCE - first aid for disasters affecting cultural heritage objects


This year 32 cultural heritage organisations from Antwerp, Ghent, Louvain and Mechelen worked on a network for an emergency plan for their own organisation. The result: 32 clear and precise plans of action to avoid emergencies or, in the worst case, to limit the damage. A permanent network insures the constant co-operation in the area of prevention planning and mutual help. The project was named "ECCE" - Eerste hulp bij Calamiteiten van Cultureel Erfgoed (first aid for disasters affecting cultural heritage objects) - and at the same time the Latin for "here I am!" For Antwerp, the closing event was held on October 13, 2008 in St. Paul's church. The safety officers of the five monumental churches obtained their certificates from Cathy Berx, governor of Antwerp. You will find further information and pictures on this site and in the press folders


August 15, 2008: Homepage now also in Spanish


Because of the raising number of Spanish-speaking visitors to the five monumental churches of Antwerp, the complete homepage will now be translated into Spanish. Two volunteers have been working on it with commitment, so that you will see the development of the website in the next few months. From now on you can look up all helpful information in five languages: Dutch, French, German, English, and Spanish.


June 15, 2008: New guidebooks in four languages


In May, Monumental Churches of Antwerp MCA is issuing brand new guidebooks for St. Andrew's church, St. Charles Borromeo's church, St. James's church, and St. Paul's church. Published by Blondé, they are being issued in the same series as the already existing guidebook for the Cathedral. Four languages will be provided initially: Dutch, French, German, and English. The handy guidebooks will be sold in all churches for the price of €3,50, all five combined will cost €15. Don't be left out...


April 13, 2008: Heritage Day - „to be expected"  

For many believers it is a certainty that there is an after-life! In the monumental churches of Antwerp lots of paintings, sculptures and ornamentations show heaven, hell and purgatory in a very colourful way.

Permanently open between 13-18h (Cathedral till 16h)

Guided tours: 13h, 13h30, 14h, 14h30, 15h, 15h30 (all churches), 16h, 16h30 and 17h (all churches, except for the cathedral)


April 1, 2008: launching of the new MCA brochure


Today a new edition of the joint brochure for the five monumental churches of Antwerp has been launched! It is a useful brochure in pocket format, in four languages, giving a short description of each church with all the necessary practical information. The brochure is distributed in the five churches, the museums of Antwerp and the tourist offices.


January 23, 2008: attendance in 2007


During 2007 578'465 local and foreign tourists visited the five monumental churches. That means indeed a small decline of 5% compared to the previous year. But the numbers are still a reason to be proud of.


November 8, 2007: start of ECCE - First Aid for Emergencies on Cultural Heritage sites


In cooperation between the city of Mechelen, the Non-Profit Organisation of Monumental Churches of Antwerp and the Cultural Biography Flanders Non-Profit Organisation, eight churches, one museum, one thematic archive and the governing body of puppet theatres in Flanders are commencing a pre-emptive project of Emergency Planning. The goal is to improve the safety of people, buildings and collections by working out an integrated emergency plan. In this cultural heritage project the network approach is essential: the plan has been prepared in conjunction with the police and fire brigade; the participating institutions come together at a round table to concentrate their activities for the future.


October 14, 2007: launching of the new website


Today the Non-Profit Organisation Monumental Churches of Antwerp MCA launches a brand new website. The site provides a digital card for the non-profit organisation. Visitors and interested parties can find the necessary information about the function of the Non-Profit Organisation MCA and regarding the five monumental churches, in a fast and clearly laid out manner. The site also serves as administrative instrument for its members, with an intranet on which all bulletins and important documents are made available. The press can obtain access with pdf-documents in press portfolios and press photos in high resolution.



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