St. Jamesís church
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"St. James" is still the Antwerp starting point for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. The late-gothic church (about 1506-1656) has an overwhelming baroque interior with 23 altars - a festival of marble - and owns a big art collection with names like Jordaens, Rubens, Van Balen and the grave chapel of Peter Paul Rubens. His parish church - Rubens' house is only about 300m away - still breaths the grandeur of its neighbourhood of wealthy citizens, now a student's quarter. Recently, brilliant 16th century mural paintings were brought to light.

Organisation chart
Kerkfabriek (church administration) St. James's church is administered by a so-called "Kerkfabriek", a public institution that manages the material goods that are needed for the execution of church service in the parish. The "Kerkfabriek" is subject to the authority of the (...) (More...)
If there is one church in Antwerp that deserves to be named monumental, then it is the famous collegiate church of St. James. It is a church where you encounter a harmonious synthesis of tenacious gothic in the architecture and playful baroque in the 17th and 18th century interior fittings. Actually you do not know where to look first. Under (...) (More...)
Practical informations
Main entrance Lange Nieuwstraat 73 B-2000 Antwerpen   Holy masses Monday to Saturday: 11h Sunday and holidays: 9h, 10h (Gregorian high mass)   Praising and confession possibility Saturday: 15-17h   (...) (More...)
Bart Goovaerts, Verkenningstocht in Sint-Jakobskerk te Antwerpen, Antwerpen, 1977. Order  Phone: (0032) (0)3 225 04 14 E-mail: By post (with costs) Also available at the welcome desk of the church (...) (More...)
Guided tours (booking)
Individual visits  In Dutch Monday till Sunday: between 14-17h Guided tours provided by the guides from TOPA, under the slogan: "To look at art: for more than second"  Free Group visits In several languages (...) (More...)
Public transport
By train Central Station By tram Trams 2, 3, and 15 (stop Premetro Meir). From there via Lange and Korte Klarenstraat directly to St. James'. Trams 10 and 11 (stop St. Jacobsstraat). You stop directly at the (...) (More...)
  Consult also the General agenda of the Monumental Churches. For suggestions, contact L. (...) (More...)
In the neighbourhood
Rubenshuis (Rubens' house) This museum is 350 metres away from St. James' church. When you exit St. James' go straight into Eikenstraat, turn right into Meir and left into Wapper to Rubenshuis. The Rubens' house is the place where you get nearest to the world of the greatest baroque artist north of the Alps. In this palacial (...) (More...)
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