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The aim of the Non-Profit Organisation MCA is the cooperation between the five monumental churches - the Cathedral of Our Lady, St. Andrew's church, St. Charles Borromeo's church, St. James's church, and St. Paul's church - so that the combined development of this heritage can be viewed with a serene and friendly public eye.


The objectives are: 

  • To promote and support restoration, maintenance and aura of the five mentioned churches.
  • To maintain mutual contacts.
  • To contribute to a growing cultural awareness of its members and in a broader sense for everybody who is connected in one way or another with the cultural life in Antwerp and the five monumental churches; to feel this connection.
  • Organising and supporting initiatives that promote the cultural life in and around Antwerp and the five churches, taking into consideration everything pertaining to or connected with the buildings.
  • To work towards a better understanding and commitment to culture, heritage and art in our community life, as well as a link between people and cultures, viewing the role the five monumental churches had in the past, have now and will fulfil in the future
  • To contribute to further spreading of the Flemish and Antwerp cultural patrimony, as well as that of the five monumental churches.


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