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From now on the Non-Profit Organisation Monumental Churches of Antwerp would like to realize some important goals together with the churches heritage consultant and with the five church administrations:

  • A better - according to the standards of museums today - administration and conservation of the extraordinary patrimony that is entrusted to them.
  • Better professional public relations with the local and foreign visitors.
  • Completion of the impressive efforts to restore of the church buildings (amongst other things the interior of St. James' s church).

All this with the full cooperation with the museums and tourist offices of city and province. The new dynamic in the field of heritage with the recent rule - the Heritage Decree - offers perspectives for a more integral approach of the common shortfalls concerning the heritage of an efficient public relations.


During summer 2007 MCA offered two guided tours together with the heritage consultant and the guides of TOPA: 

  • A Principal Items Tour, a guided tour along the 17th century works of art in the monumental churches that are included in the list of the Principal Items Decree.
  • An exclusive Tour of Sculptures, including the best sculptures in the Cathedral, in St. Charles Borromeo's church and in St. Andrew's church.

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