Policy plans
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When the Non-Profit Organisation began its work the coordinator drew up a policy plan. In preparation every church administration received a questionnaire with questions about administration and maintenance of the movable heritage and the archives, the restoration of the church building, the public relations and the organisation of events. This document served as a guideline for of visits in each church, for the director and coordinator. The results of this questionnaire have been put together and clearly laid out in a policy plan.


The policy plan was prepared around five topics that are included in the environmental analysis, the SWOT-analysis and in the action plan:

  • Movable heritage
  • Archive 
  • Immovable heritage
  • Public relations
  • Events

The following points were defined in the policy plan:

  • The objectives of MCA, as defined in its statutes.
  • The cooperation agreement: City - Province - MCA.
  • The questioning of the five church administrations by means of a detailed questionnaire and subsequent discussion over the Strength/Weakness analyses with each of the five church administrations separately.
  • A resolution of January 14, 2005 of the Flemish Government concerning the execution of the heritage decree of May 7, 2004 (concerning the museums, cultural and heritage), setting up the structure and terminology of the policy plans. This resolution includes the elements which have to be covered by a policy plan for the process of recognition of a museum. On continuing the policy plan the fact that the heritage decree is still being adjusted should be taken into account.

October 24, 2006: the governing body agrees on the Master plan.

November 21, 2006: the policy plan is discussed and accepted during a meeting of the "Task Force Monumental Churches of Antwerp" (with the chief executives of the city and province).

November 2006: the meetings of the church administrations of each church discuss and accept the policy plan.

December 12, 2006: the general assembly of the Non-Profit Organisation MCA accepted the policy plan.

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