Presentation network: with whom do we work together?
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Three partners support the Non-Profit Organisation Monumental Churches of Antwerp:

The mutual cooperation will be improved by good coordination between the five churches in the areas of administration and maintenance, research, public relations and communications.


A second objective is to forge a strong cooperation with the municipal and provincial services, whereby a firm connection with the cultural field of the city, the region and Flanders can develop.


Further very close cooperation with: 

ECCE - emergency plans
In November 2007, 33 heritage administration institutes from Antwerp, Mechelen, Leuven and Ghent, which included eight churches together embarked on a project for the prevention of disasters. The project was named ECCE which in Dutch means "First aid for disasters affecting cultural heritage objects". The project, managed by OPTIMIT, is a joint effort of the non-profit (...) (More...)

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