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May 29, 2007: Sculptures Tour

The makers of the successful Principal Items Tour schedule an exclusive Sculptures Tour from 2007 on, an exclusive tour of the most beautiful sculptures that can be found in the monumental churches of Antwerp. In an utmost realistic manner these glorious sculptures in marble and wood express emotions like mother love, penitence, fear, pain, trust...

The sculptures on exhibit date mostly from the 17th-19th century and were sculptured by famous Antwerp artists, such as the family Colijns de Nole, Artus I Quellin, Willem-Ignatius Kerrickx, Jan-Pieter I Baurscheit... Static sculptures, moving art.

The Sculptures Tour starts in the Cathedral of Our Lady, leads to St. Charles Borromeo's church and ends in St. Andrew's church. Groups can book for the guided tour daily (except Sunday), individuals can book every Monday (duration of the tour: 2h30)


Qualified guides from Non-Profit Organisation Tourist Pastoral Service of Antwerp TOPA provide interesting information and interpretation during the tour.



July 31, 2006: Principal Items Tour


The Principal Items Decree of the Flemish Community considers the protection of the cultural heritage of exceptional importance. For these Principal Items apply special protective measures, conservation and restoration subsidies for a maximum of 80% of the costs, export regulations and a purchase commitment from the Flemish administration in case of a refused export license. To the present day 74 works of art and collections of the 17th century have been registered.


During the months of august and September 2006 Non-Profit Organisation Monumental Churches of Antwerp - in collaboration with Pastoral Tourist Service of Antwerp, the Cultural Heritage Cell of Antwerp, and the Service of Cultural Heritage of the Province of Antwerp - organises a 2h30 walk in three monumental churches with no less than 22 Baroque works of art that are registered in the list of the Principal Items Decree. It spotlights masterpieces of the "great Antwerp Three" - Rubens, Jordaens and Van Dyck - completed by beautiful works of regional artists such as Hendrik van Balen and Cornelis de Vos.


Qualified guides from TOPA provide interesting information and interpretation during the tour beginning with the Cathedral of Our Lady, St. Paul's church and ending at the grave of Rubens in St. James's church. 



June 6, 2006: start cooperation MCA


On June 6, 2006 during a highly attended press conference the project Non-Profit Organisation Monumental Churches of Antwerp MCA was introduced to press and public.  


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