Monumental Churches of Antwerp
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Welcome to the monumental churches of Antwerp!

The churches are filled with history and yet each of them has a unique character. We invite you to explore them on your own.


Be convinced: You will be astonished more than once...

St. Paul’s church
Only a stone's throw away from the Scheldt River this "baroque jewel" stands in a "gothic shrine". The former church of the Dominican monastery of 1571 is pleasing to the eye: the splendid baroque altars, the sublime furniture, the famous organ, over 200 sculptures and more than 50 paintings, among them a series of 15 works of Jordaens, Rubens, Teniers, Van Balen, (More...)
St. James’s church
"St. James" is still the Antwerp starting point for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. The late-gothic church (about 1506-1656) has an overwhelming baroque interior with 23 altars - a festival of marble - and owns a big art collection with names like Jordaens, Rubens, Van Balen and the grave chapel of Peter Paul Rubens. His parish church - Rubens' house is only about (More...)
Cathedral of Our Lady
The biggest gothic church of the Low Lands is the pride of Antwerp. It was finished in 1521 after about 170 years of construction. The Northern tower (123m/404ft), which still rules the skyline, is "stone lacework". Inside, the outstretching room brings you into another dimension. What we see today is partly baroque, partly neo-gothic (of the 19th century). We can admire (...) (More...)
St. Charles Borromeo's church
"Heaven on earth", "the 8th wonder of the world"... There were too few words in the 17th century to describe this church that seems to stand on an Italian piazza. It was built for and by the Jesuits at the time of the flourishing Counter Reformation. Peter Paul Rubens played an important role in it as painter-decorator-architect in the tower, facade, the high (...) (More...)
St. Andrew’s church
In what was a people's neighbourhood - now one of fashion and antiquarians - early on the 16th century this late-Gothic church rose out of the ground thanks to the St. Augustine fathers. It has a troubled history. Inside, the Baroque has the last word thanks to the Baroque altars and some fantastic works of art from the 17th century. Outstanding are the monument for the Scottish (More...)

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