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Without a doubt St. Paul's is rooted in the values of Antwerp. It exudes a unique and irresistible charm. In Antwerp "St. Paul's" is a fixed term, thanks to the exceedingly artistic patrimony, the calm, picturesque Calvary, the romanticism of the old monastery complex, the glory of the solemn orchestral church services, and also because of its setting in the well anchored site in the ancient maritime neighbourhood. Here baroque art triumphs! Paintings of the greatest masters of Antwerp are hanging brotherly united next to each other in their natural habitat. Rubens, van Dyck, Teniers, Jordaens, Francken: they brightly illustrate the grand story which is commemorated and celebrated in the liturgy each Sunday. Who ever attends an orchestral church service in St. Paul's, experiencs a depth that no museum can offer.

Once this Dominican place of worship was the soul of a powerful monastery complex, a meeting place of scholars, artists and dignitaries, now it stands here as a cultural monument, a tourist attraction, but particularly as a spiritual lighthouse, a place of silence and reflection in the metropolis. From here the monks went devoutly on travels in their (More...)
The church building
If you are walking through the Old Town, in the direction of the mariner's neighbourhood you suddenly see the lantern tower of St. Paul's church emerging between the roofs, only to disappear mysteriously again later. It is like the star that showed the three Kings their way... The tower keeps waving, just follow... When (...) (More...)
Cultural heritage
In St. Paul's church the baroque interior is whimsically reconciled with a gothic building: playful baroque and firm gothic live harmoniously next to each other. No single piece appears individually in the foreground, everything is integrated in a balanced entity. The Antwerp sculpors and painters did create an ensemble in St. Paul's church that (...) (More...)

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