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Museum Vleeshuis


From Veemarkt square turn left into Vleeshouwersstraat and 80 meters away from St. Paul's you reach the museum.  


The museum Vleeshuis (Butcher's Hall) tells the story of 600 years of sound, music and dance in Antwerp. Get to know city music in all its variations: instruments, pictures, manuscripts, books, paintings and maquettes. They tell the compelling story of songs, city musicians and carillon players. There is also a broad section on opera in Antwerp, music in kiosks and concert buildings, family music, the construction of instruments and dance. Do not expect a classical museum of instruments, but a lively journey into the world behind music!


Vleeshouwersstraat 38
2000 Antwerpen
Phone: (0032) (0)3 233 64 04
Fax: (0032) (0)3 231 47 05



Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday, 10-17h

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The museum is 730 meters away from St. Paul's. From Veemarkt square turn right into Nosestraat, pass the Sint-Paulusplaats and go straight into Oudemansstraat, than Vingerlingstraat and right into Schippersstraat. When you reach Falconplein square turn left and go straight over Van Schoonbekeplein square. 


The Museum at the River (MAS) will tell a story about the city, its citizens, the river and the port. It is going to open in 2010. But the MAS will be so much more than a simple museum. It will become a program of its own, a mental lighthouse which takes into account its wider environment. This environment has a broad denominator: Its maritime character.


2000 Antwerpen
Phone: (0032) (0)3 206 03 50
Fax: (0032) (0)3 206 03 60

Opening planned in 2009-2010


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