Cathedral of Our Lady
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The biggest gothic church of the Low Lands is the pride of Antwerp. It was finished in 1521 after about 170 years of construction. The Northern tower (123m/404ft), which still rules the skyline, is "stone lacework". Inside, the outstretching room brings you into another dimension. What we see today is partly baroque, partly neo-gothic (of the 19th century). We can admire four works of Peter Paul Rubens, among them the Raising of the Cross and the Descent of the Cross, cultural heritage on a worldwide scale. There are a lot of other works of art, the contents, the stained-glass windows,...


Organisation chart
Kerkfabriek (church administration) The Cathedral of Our Lady is administered by a so-called "Kerkfabriek", a public institution that manages the material goods that are needed for the execution of church service in the parish. The "Kerkfabriek" is subject to the authority (...) (More...)
A Cathedral never stands alone. Through secularisation and modern urbanization we forget that only the church controlled and carried out many social functions in the past. There was the care for education in the so-called Papenschool, for singing in the Choraelhuys (Choral house), for the poor at the Table of the Holy Ghost, for the sick in (More...)
Practical informations
Main entrance Handschoenmarkt B-2000 Antwerpen   Holy masses Monday to Friday: 16h (via entrance Handschoenmarkt) Saturday: 16h, and 17h (English Mass) Sunday and holidays: 9h, 10h (choir and organ), 12h (organ), 17h (Vespers)   info: (More...)
Rudi Mannaerts, A key to the revelation of the Cathedral of Our Lady at Antwerp. Didactic syllabus for the guides, Antwerp, 2000. (Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian). € 6,50. M. Van Dyck, Guide „De Kathedraal O.-L.-Vrouwekathedraal Antwerpen" - English Edition, Antwerpen, 2003. (Dutch, French, (...) (More...)
Guided tours
The guided tours are provided by the guides of TOPA with the slogan: "To look at art: for more than a second".  Individual visits (free) In DutchMonday to Friday: 11h, and 14h15 (sometimes at 15h, and also at 15h45) Saturday: 11h, and 14h15 Sunday (...) (More...)
Public transport
By train Central Station By tram Trams 2, 3, 5, and 15 (stop Premetro Groenplaats). Trams 4, and 8 (stop Th. Van Rijswijckplaats).Trams 10, and 11 (stop Melkmarkt).Tram 7 (stop (...) (More...)
  For suggestions, contact L. (...) (More...)
In the neighbourhood
Ethnographic Museum This museum is 130 metres away from the Cathedral. When you exit cross Handschoenmarkt and turn right into Oude Koornmarkt and then go straight on to Suikerrui. In the ethnographic museum the non-European cultures are the main focus. A wide range of works of art and objects in daily use sketch the way of life (...) (More...)
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