St. Charles Borromeo's church
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"Heaven on earth", "the 8th wonder of the world"... There were too few words in the 17th century to describe this church that seems to stand on an Italian piazza. It was built for and by the Jesuits at the time of the flourishing Counter Reformation. Peter Paul Rubens played an important role in it as painter-decorator-architect in the tower, facade, the high altar, vault stucco and the "Houtappel"- or Our Lady's chapel. This is the baroque and the Rubens church of the Low Lands, even if a fire had already destroyed its 39 ceiling paintings. Surprising: You will find an especially rich lace museum there.

Organisation chart
Kerkfabriek (church administration)   St. Charles Borromeo's church is administered by a so-called "Kerkfabriek", a public institution that manages the material goods that are needed for the execution of church service in the parish. The "Kerkfabriek" is subject to the authority of the (...) (More...)
Even though this famous Jesuit Church lost a lot of its artistic decorum over the years, it remains a true temple of the arts. The St. Charles Borromeo's church counts as an archetype of Baroque architecture. It is the church of Rubens, who not only painted proficiently for it, but he was also designer of its sculptural decoration. The (...) (More...)
Practical informations
Main entrance Hendrik Conscienceplein B-2000 Antwerpen   Holy masses Sunday and holidays: 11h30 ("artist's mass")   Confession possibility On request   Opening hours Church Monday to Saturday: (...) (More...)
Rudi Mannaerts, Een sleutel voor de Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk te Antwerpen, voorheen de Sint-Ignatiuskerk van de jezuïeten. Didactische syllabus, Antwerpen 2002. (Dutch).€ 8. E.H. F. Huybrechs, Kunst in de St. Caroluskerk.  A nicely illustrated book about the church. Collection of the (...) (More...)
Guided tours (booking)
Individual visits (free) In Dutch Monday till Saturday: continuously between 10-12h30 and 14-17h  The guided tours are provided by the guides from TOPA with the slogan: "To look at art: for more than a second" Group visits In multiple (...) (More...)
Public transport
By train Central Station By tram Trams 2, 3, and 15 (stop Groenplaats). From there diagonally across Groenplaats into St. Pietersstraat and Melkmarkt. At the end of Melkmarkt turn right into the second, pedestrian street Jezuitenrui. Trams 10, and 11 (More...)
 Consult also the General agenda of the Monumental Churches. For suggestions, contact C. (...) (More...)
In the neighbourhood
Rockoxhuis (Rockox' house) This museum is 550 metres away from St. James' church. When you exit turn right into Lange Nieuwstraat, directly again right into St. Jacobsstraat and straight into Prinsesstraat, where you turn left into Keizerstraat and reach the museum nearly at the end of the street.  The Rockox' house is the 17th century (...) (More...)
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