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Kerkfabriek (church administration)


St. Charles Borromeo's church is administered by a so-called "Kerkfabriek", a public institution that manages the material goods that are needed for the execution of church service in the parish. The "Kerkfabriek" is subject to the authority of the higher church and civic administration. For the management of the "Kerkfabriek" the Church Council is appointed, consisting of the following members:


Mr. Olivier Lins


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Ms. Anne Gorlé



Mr. André Vandenbussche



Mr. Philip Heylen

Member of the council


Mr. Robert Vermerght

Member of the council





Reverend father Marc Dierickx

H. Conscienceplein 6

B-2000 Antwerpen

Phone: (0032) (0)3 289 41 53

Fax: (0032) (0)3 289 41 53

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Fonds Carolus Borromeus vzw (Trust Charles Borromeo Non-Profit Organisation):


The aim of the trust is to support restoration, maintenance and popularity of St. Charles Borromeo's church. Furthermore it organises and supports initiatives that boost the cultural life in and around the church, which contribute to the cultural awareness of its members and of anyone who feels connected to the cultural life around the church. The primary aim is to obtain funds for preservation, maintenance and restoration where needed.


Mr. Marc Hesbain

Mobile phone: (0032) (0)477 623 794

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VZW Artiestenfonds (Artists' Trust Non-Profit Organisation):


For more than 60 consecutive years the 11h30 mass Sundays and feast day in St. Charles Borromeo's church is celebrated with classical music. So the artists' masses are accepted and visited by many, also non-parishioners and foreigners. The aim of founder and art lover Benoit Roose was to support artists during the war years and he himself was supported by patron and chair-person Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire and her Majesty Queen Elisabeth. Since the end of the 1960's his wife Nelly Roose Verachtert (mezzo-soprano) carried on his lifework with grand commitment and knew to this day how to bring people closer to God with music.till today o bring the human being closer to God with music.



Ms. Anne-Marie Fourel de Frettes, chairwoman

Phone: (0032) (0)3 234 26 62

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