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Even though this famous Jesuit Church lost a lot of its artistic decorum over the years, it remains a true temple of the arts. The St. Charles Borromeo's church counts as an archetype of Baroque architecture. It is the church of Rubens, who not only painted proficiently for it, but he was also designer of its sculptural decoration.


The pleasure of what you see is completed with the pleasure of what you hear. And this will be satisfied both vocally and instrumentally during the artists' masses on Sundays at 11h30, a great tradition that captures the interest of Greater Antwerp. There are also a number of concerts. Not to be missed is the exceptionally rich lace collection, and do not forget: the wonderful tower (on St. Katelijneveststreet) which points to the heavenly... where all this joy of the Baroque draws its true inspiration.

The building plans were drawn up by members of the order itself, for example Fr. d'Aguilon en P. Huyssens. The construction took only six years (1615-1621). The patron saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the order whose canonisation was richly celebrated with fantastic processions, colourful street decorations and exuberantly plays. At the (almost (...) (More...)
The church building
The church was built, decorated and furnished in a period of only six years: started in 1615, consecrated in 1621. The impressive facade is clearly inspired by the 40 years older mother church of the order in Rome: the "Gesu" or Jesus' church, built by Giacomo della Porta. (More...)
Cultural heritage
The massive high altar is the first thing to attract attention when entering a Baroque Jesuit church. It has developed into a portico altar with a huge screen visible to everybody, even those in the last row. (More...)
The lace room  The crypt (More...)

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