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Kerkfabriek (church administration)


St. Andrew's church is administered by a so-called "Kerkfabriek", a public institution that manages the material goods that are needed for the execution of church service in the parish. The "Kerkfabriek" is subject to the authority of the higher church and civic administration. For the management of the "Kerkfabriek" the Church Council is appointed, consisting of the following members:


Mr. Jos De Bruyn



Mr. Michel Robeyns


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Mr. Nico Van Meerbeeck


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Mr. Gert Cuypers

Member of the council

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Mr. Willy Martinet

Member of the council





Z.E.H. Rudi Mannaerts

Reverend father

Phone: (0032) (0)3 226 52 53

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Sint-Andries 2000 vzw (St. Andrew's 2000 Non-Profit Organisation)


For the opening of the church to the general public and the promotion of its rich cultural-historical patrimony a non-profit-organisation was founded in 1991.


Thanks to enthusiastic volunteers the church is open daily between 1 april and 31 october and between 2 and 5pm. On Sundays at 3pm a city guide provides a guided tour free of charge. The non-profit-organisation provides documentation about the church, edits a three-monthly magazine, brochures and postcards and is responsible for providing folders and promotion material. They organize an interesting annual exhibition. At the moment the organisation is helping to arrange the new exhibition rooms in the Augustijnenstraat.
The organisation actively participates in extra church activities, such as guided visits to the Parish of Misery, summer walks round the city of Antwerp, Open Monument Days, Night of the Museums and Cultural Heritage Weekends.
Thanks to the support of its members, the souvenir stand in the church and the revenues of a yearly concert, the non-profit organisation provides a financial contribution to the maintenance and restoration of its art patrimony. Examples are: the shrine of the XXXVI saints, the 17th century confessional in the Mary Chapel, a 19th century cloak of Our Lady of Help and Victory, the sandstone sculpture of Mary and the Chinese antependium of the 18th century.

If you are interested you can become a member of the non-profit organisation by transferring a yearly fee of € 13,50 (normal members) or € 27 (honorary members) to the bank account 789-5639660-01 of the "Sint-Andries 2000 vzw", Sint-Andriesstraat 7 bus 4, B-2000 Antwerp. New members receive the three-monthly newsletter.
People who would like to supervise the church during the tourist season are always welcome! Information is available from Ms. Christiane Bogaert-Smeets, phone (0032) (0)3 829 11 40 or via e-mail popup.

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Vlaanderenstraat 9

B-2000 Antwerp
Phone: (0032) (0)3 233 42 63

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