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St. Andrew's is the least well known of the monumental Churches. It can, however, surprise its many visitors with a few outstanding Antwerp works of art. Surely, for a visitor with time it has a lot up its sleeve. It is an oasis of calm, relaxing-informal atmosphere. This is also thanks to the enthusiastic reception team of volunteers: here you really are a welcome guest!  


St. Andrew's neighbourhood was once known as the "Parish of Misery" and it is around this church where the "Parish of Misery" life unfolded itself. Amongst others the famous Flemish writer Hendrik Conscience saw the light of life and got the Christian baptismal water above him.

The founders of this house of prayer were the St. Augustine Fathers at the beginning of the 16th century. But the main nave was not yet completed before they were "sent packing" by the state administration because of their sympathy for their protesting fellow member of the order, Martin Luther. Sooner than see the finished building going to waste, Margaret of (...) (More...)
Cultural heritage
Unquestionably what catches the eye more than anything is the outstandingly beautiful pulpit, masterfully sculpted by J.-B. Van Hool and J.-F. Van Geel (1821). (More...)
The 1658 sculpture of Saint Peter, by Artus I Quellin, is a candidate for admission to the list of the Principal Items Decree. (More...)

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