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Fashion Museum - MoMu


The museum is 270 metres away from St. Andrew's church. When you exit turn right into Augustijnenstraat and then left into Nationale Straat.  


The Fashion museum of the Province of Antwerp combines a contemporary collection with a historical one, and is the soul of the Modenatie with the Fashion Academy and the Flanders Fashion Institute as partners.


Nationalestraat 28
B-2000 Antwerpen

Phone: (0032) (0)3 470 27 70

Fax: (0032) (0)3 470 27 71



Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday, 10-18h, 1st Thursday of the month, 10-21h. The museum is closed for alterations between two exhibitions.

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Museum Plantin-Moretus


The museum is 260 metres away from St. Andrew's church. When you exit turn left into Augustijnenstraat and right into Korte Ridderstraat. Go straight into Vrijdagmarktstraatje onto Vrijdagmarkt square. 


The Museum Plantin-Moretus is the only printing press/publishing house worldwide which dates back to the Renaissance and Baroque period. It is the continuation of the Officina Plantiniana, founded by Christopher Plantin in 1555, the first industrial printer in history. For about 300 years his successors, the family Moretus, maintained the Officina. In 1876 it was opened as a museum. It offers a record of the art of printing from the 15th till the 18th century. The stately equipped printing press features the oldest printing presses in the world (about 1600). The magnificient patrician home includes style rooms furnished with tapestries, golden leather paintings (amongst others Rubens), sculptures, pottery and porcelain. In the historical inner courtyard you can enjoy the peaceful garden. The Museum Plantin-Moretus/Etching Cabinet was recognized as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2005 and is the only museum worldwide on this list.


Vrijdagmarkt 22-23
B-2000 Antwerpen
Phone: (0032) (0)3 221 14 50



Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday, 10-17h

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KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp)


The museum is 970 metres away from St. Andrew's church. When you exit turn right into Augustijnenstraat and than right into Nationale Straat and go straight into Volksstraat. 


The KMSKA stands for Rubens, Baroque and the Flemish Primitives, it houses one of the most important collection of modern art in Belgium, too. The ensemble works of James Ensor and Rik Wouters are incomparable.


Leopold De Waelplaats
B-2000 Antwerpen

Phone: (0032) (0)3 238 78 09


Opening hours: Tuesday till Saturday, 10-17h, Sunday, 10-18h

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