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Our Lady of Help and Victory


Modern art is also welcome in St. Andrew's church. The century old sculpture of Mary of the brotherhood of Help and Victory received a new gown by Ann Demeulemeester in 2001.


High altar
Unquestionably the high altar attracts the most attention. Even without Rubens' colours this work of art (W. I. Kerrickx, 1729) satisfies the dynamic aspirations of the Baroque. The loose three-dimensional sculpture group lends itself perfectly to making the Assumption of Mary a "live-performance".


The eye-catcher second to none is the wonderful pulpit, the masterful staging of J.-B. Van Hool and J.-F. Van Geel (1821). It displays lively the calling of the patron saint Andrew and his brother-apostle Peter. True to the gospel (Mt. 4,18-20) both fishermen were called by Jesus during their work and called away to follow Him and become "fishers of men". Without hesitation, but still surprised by such a calling they left their nets. The realistic representation of the characters, their catch and their tools (including nets!) is bewildering and that in an unique naturalistic theatrical set of rocks and plants. From an artistic point-of-view Jesus can barely stand closer to the people than here...


Mary Stuart
Other masterpieces are for example the monument of the Scottish queen Mary Stuart (1542-1587), killed by her opponent Elizabeth, but thanks to her ladies-in-waiting not yet silenced here.


36 saints

And what is closest to people's hearts here is the silver reliquary shrine of the 36 saints. "Unknown is unpopular" certainly applies to the hidden treasures of the St. Andrew's church.

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