Restoration projects
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St. Andrew's church has an active policy concerning the conservation and restoration of its cultural heritage.


Each year, one or more dossiers are started, mostly with the financial aid of the authorities - Province of Antwerp and Agency Cultural Heritage - as well as private sponsors.


Here you get a review of the best realizations of the last years.


"The Seven Works of Mercy" by Frans II Francken
A recent acquisition, The Seven Works of Mercy (panel, 64x87cm) underwent an exhaustive restoration during the school year 2002-2003 in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. Under ´the leadership of Peter Eyskens Alice van der Knokke, student of the Studio Painting of the formation Conservation/Restoration undertook the restoration. (More...)
Ongoing dossiers
 Restoration of the altar gardens of St. Anne by Noortje Cools. Sponsored by Non-Profit Organisation St. Andrew's 2000 and subsidised by the Province of Antwerp.Installation of the Holy Hart (...) (More...)
Finished dossiers
2007Restoration of an altar rail by Tomas Huyghe. Sponsored by Non-Profit Organisation St. Andrew's 2000.   Conservation of 36 little painted panels of the XXXVI saints by Marijse Van der Voort. Subsidised by the Flemish Community and sponsored by Non-Profit Organisation St. Andrew's 2000.Restoration of the altar gardens of the (...) (More...)

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