The purgatory: catalogue of the Brotherhood of the Faithful Souls
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A comprehensive restoration of the catalogue of the Brotherhood of the Faithful Souls, also known as "The purgatory", was completed in December 2004. The catalogue was dismantled during the restoration works of the church in the 1970s and stored in the Godefridus warehouse. In 2002 Charles Indekeu, professor at Hogeschool Antwerpen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp asked to lead this project with the students of the 2nd year and both master years of the Studio Wood of the formation Conservation/Restoration, because of the extraordinary quality of this sculptural work.

Peter Scheemaekers sculptured this appealing masterpiece in 1710, during the foundation of the brotherhood. No other examples, either in Belgium or in the rest of Europe, are known of such a monumental presentation of purgatory, an important theme in Christian education. The restoration of the catalogue was subsidized for 40% by the maintenance funds of the Flemish Community, department Monuments and Landscapes, and for 60% sponsored by CERA and the Non-Profit Organisation St. Andrew's 2000.

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