A 17th century antependium
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This antependium, originating in the church of the Spanish citadel, was brought over to St. Andrew's in 1804. The whole surface is decorated with relief stucco in gold thread and multi-coloured silk on silver sheet. The central motif is a wooden chalice in high relief covered with brass and golden stucco. After it had stood in a damp attic against an outer wall for 25 years, cleaning and restoration was extremely necessary. Thanks to conservation subsidies of the Province of Antwerp and sponsoring by the Non-Profit Organisation St. Andrew's 2000, this work of art was cleaned by Willebrord Jacobs in 2002 and restored by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp by Fanny Van Cleven in 2004, under the management of Natalia Ortega. Since September 2004 it can once more be admired completely finished.

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