"The Seven Works of Mercy" by Frans II Francken
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A recent acquisition, The Seven Works of Mercy (panel, 64x87cm) underwent an exhaustive restoration during the school year 2002-2003 in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. Under ´the leadership of Peter Eyskens Alice van der Knokke, student of the Studio Painting of the formation Conservation/Restoration undertook the restoration.

The panel originated in the church of the former cloister of the Sisters Capuchin in the Sint-Rochusstraat. Most likely it is by Frans II Francken's (1581-1642) own hands, who executed the same design several times. The panel in St. Andrew's can be dated around 1615-1620.

In the 19th century it was inserted into the neo-baroque epitaph in black and white marble of E. Albrecht (†1869) and J. A. Ansiau (†1879). When the cloister of the Sisters Capuchins was sold in 2001 they donated the epitaph to St. Andrew's.  It is now standing in the Northern transept.

The treatment covered a consolidation of the entire painted surface, the removal of the coloured varnish layer and old, distracting retouching. An almost complete retouching of the paint layer was necessary, too. Over the course of the treatment it became clear that the work was of very high quality and hence forms a new focal point for the church. The restoration was completely sponsored by Non-Profit Organisation St. Andrew's 2000.

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