The church building
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If you are walking through the Old Town, in the direction of the mariner's neighbourhood you suddenly see the lantern tower of St. Paul's church emerging between the roofs, only to disappear mysteriously again later. It is like the star that showed the three Kings their way... The tower keeps waving, just follow...


When you enter the church you are struck by the virtuosic interaction of light and space. Playful baroque and firm gothic produces an odd harmony: church furniture and architecture, fine goldsmith's works and exuberant paintings. From the large high altar in sumptuous varieties of marble to the impressive organ, each element has its own place within a large balanced entity.


Nowhere else in Antwerp do you find so many masks. Up to the cloister they smile at you, each with its own grimace: a psychological tactic to cheer up the daily routine a bit.

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