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The treasury was inducted on February 2, 2001, the feast of Candlemas. Up until then the treasures of St. Paul's were not on display to the public. This precious collection partly derives from the ancient Dominican monastery and partly from the former St. Walburgis' church. Pious believers in the 19th and 20th centuries presented the most recent pieces to the Parish church.


Catching the eye is the authentic deed of foundation of 1276 of the first church by church scholar and Dominican Albertus Magnus. Besides precious reliquaries a lot of regard is paid to monstrances, ciborias, chalices, ceremony poles, liturgical robes, and small sculptures and ornaments for devotional pieces. The most impressive piece is a colossal rays' monstrance of the Antwerp goldsmith Joannes Petrus Antonius Verschuylen (1801-1865), 105cm high and decorated with more than 200 diamonds. On its foot St. Paul is shown thrown from his horse facing the light of God; here in the form of a wafer in the expository.  


All these treasures not only have an intrinsic, monetary worth, but just as much form a testimonial to the believing generations that preceded us and which left us little of their religious experiences.

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