The church building
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The unique and elegant tower of our Lady is the symbol of Antwerp and remains the pride of all citizens, so-called "sinjoren". The construction of the church really reached its "highlight" in 1518: 123m. It is hard to imagine how such a sturdy base can slowly be transformed and finally be dissolved into thin air. A true Forefinger to heaven. As an elaborate realization of the gothic ideal of a tower it earns much more publicity!


Inside, you stand in an extra-ordinary wide space comprising of seven aisles with 48 pillars: a stone forest. It is this spacious effect that makes the Cathedral of Antwerp so special. In the Cathedral you find a big slice of the history of Antwerp put down on paper, beginning with the first missionaries who welcome you at the main gate to the princes who tried to immortalize themselves in colourful stained-glass windows. The ordinary being who had to work for his daily bread recognizes himself best by the pride with which the tools of their crafts were represented on the vault paintings: a sublime homage to the human work which gets praised to heaven!

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